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Download the Latest Official GPD Console Firmware - Recovey Image - Bios and Tools
The Latest Official Firmware Of GPD Game Console Products
on 01/18/2017 | by Shop Oye
Review Snail MUCH W3D Phablet console Gaming 3D eye
About a year ago we had the chance to review the Snail MUCH 78P01 Snail field hardware.Tuttavia, already at CES 2015...
on 10/26/2016 | by rdaelmito
Apple AP40 a Bluetooth Gamepad Controller for iOS Android Mac PC & More by 8Bitdo - OYE TEAM
To celebrate Apple's 40th anniversary we wanted to bring something special to the world. Introducing the AP40, a...
on 09/27/2016 | by Shop Oye
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GPD XD RetroGaming console Review

Posted on: 08/10/2016 | Author: Alessio Di Meo | Categories: News Android Console & Device, News Open Console for Family
Have you tried to emulate on your PC the old consoles that signed your childhood but your machine can barely run the old snes games at 17,4 FPS and you have considered buying two GTX980 and a last generation i7 just for playing super ghouls & ghosts? good, we have the portable solution which could be for you: the gpd XD (…yes “XD” stands for the smily face ndr.)